Danish Wado-Kai

Wado was introduced in Denmark in January 1977, where the first club was started in Århus on 8 September 1979. Today you will find 7 clubs organized under the Danish Wado-Kai Karate-do in Denmark.


According to Donn F. Draeger, Hironori Otsuka (born June 1, 1892 in the Shimodate village – died January 29, 1982 in Tokyo) began training in 1898 Jujutsu with his uncle Chojiro Ebashi-sensei under the guidance of his father. As 13-year-old (1905), Otsuka began training Shindo-Yoshin-Ryu Jujutsu in Genbukan Dojo in the Shimotsuma village at Tatsusaburo Nakayama-sensei.

In 1910-1912, Otsuka studied at Waseda University.

Principles and leadership

We are guided by general democratic association principles with club-elected representatives on the board and one vote per. club, all of which are equal and sovereign and are freed by arrangement participation / organization. Our board manages pattern / symbol rights, archive / finance and management / representative. Board of Directors is official contact regarding domestic / foreign contacts.

International Relations

We are affiliated and recognized by JKF-Wadokai (JKFW). We use JKF-Wadokai’s technical constitution and use JKFW documented videos, etc. in Kihon, Kata and Kumite as official technical manuals. We have participated in the European Cup since 1987, the World Cup in London in 1989 and Tokyo in 1994 and 1999. Both the Wado-Kai Europe Cup and the Wado-Kai World Cup have achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, both as individual and as teams – and both in Kumite and Kata.